Marco Silva Expresses His View On Leighton Baines, As To Whether He Wants To Keep Him At The Everton Or Not

The defender of Everton named Leighton Baines has struggled a lot for appearances in this season at the Goodison Park, with the impressing performance of Lucas Digne. The contract of Baines at the club of Everton is about to come to an end within a few months, and he has barely made any appearances in this season for the club.

The arrival of Lucas Digne at the Goodison Park has resulted in the replacement of Banies in the defense of Everton, and his task of coming back to the team of Silva seems to be a lot difficult. It can be considered as a herculean task for him. Lucas has emerged as the best player so far in this season for the club of Everton, with the signing of summer rapidly adapting to the football’s Premier League.

And in recent times, Leighton has been linked with an expected move to the club of MLS. But Silva has given a hint that till now he has not made any type of decision regarding the presence of Baines at the Everton after the end of this ongoing season.  He added that “Definitely Banes deserves all of our respect, not only because he has played here for a lot of years to a high standard but also for the kind of professional he is.”

“I know his attitude even when he is in the dugout. Even if he is not in the playing squad he always keeps helping the team. What the future will be we will see at the right time.” Leighton, who is on a contract of £70,000-a-week, is more likely to stay on the bench of Everton at the weekend, before their match against Bournemouth. Currently, Everton is at 11th position in the table of Premier League, and the whole pressure is on their team to pick up a win.