25 thoughts on “Premier League Team Of The Year 2013 – Real Life Compilation

  1. Sir Joshua Kelly

    you didnt show anything for rio, you cant give a defender a toty for goals,
    thats strikers are for

  2. hictor118

    Suarez is a good player, if he’s so bad how come he was one of the top goal
    scoters of the seasons

  3. Александар .Стакић

    Who the fuck care abt what they do thats not matter of football?!?!? Im
    talking abt football u dumb dickhead!! Piss off !

  4. David Rigby

    This is the deadest team. Only mata bale suarez and van persie belong in
    that team. Year after year Ashley Cole is the best left back baines cant
    defend hes not a good defender. The guy who made this is obviously a man
    utd fan, no city players and ferdinand rafael and de gea were in the team.
    I Thought bebe was gonna be upfront.

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