25 thoughts on “Leighton Baines VS. Chelsea – EPL 2012/2013 [HD]

  1. Zavalow

    Great comps.i have a question.. How do u choose witch players u r going to
    make a video about ? what kind of players do u like ? bcz we have the same
    taste i think!

  2. 2Y21

    dude, stop fighting. instead of fighting each other continuously, rise
    above and ignore each other. i don’t really care if you unsubscribed but
    stop stirring up shit with other people. if you don’t like the video just
    leave and never come back.

  3. Vivek Biswas

    Sorry dude. I actually enjoyed most of your previous videos. Maybe Baines
    is not a type of player I enjoy watching.

  4. oOGreenGoblinOo

    Baines is the best left back in England, as he’s matured his game has
    developed and he has become more intelligent with his play and let’s nor
    forget he has a great left foot! Ashley who?

  5. joevideosefc

    trophies dont mean your a good player. Baines is better than Evra in every
    aspect of the game. Bale is possibly the best player in the league and he
    has only won the carling cup.

  6. 2Y21

    It really depends on my disposition. I sometimes just make videos about
    some of my favorite players or I like making compilations of very
    underrated players.

  7. razdaification

    The reason why the “EPL” is the most popular league in the world is because
    of the variety of styles. For example, Arsenal and Swansea play passing
    football, Man United counter attack, but there are only two teams who play
    completly direct football and that is Stoke and West Ham. By the way you’re
    really ignorant if you think that in La Liga/Bundesliga don’t play some
    kind of long ball.

  8. RyanP

    if long ball run and hope is the premier league summed up for you, i dont
    think you know too much about football.

  9. FootballJudgey94

    Average? HAHAHAHAHAHA. He created the most chances in Europe this year.
    Yeah, of course it’s average. Haven’t a clue you, son.

  10. Rawn Sim

    his cross is average, his runs old fashioned. Moyes just managed to get
    every ounce of juice from him. He is not good enough for man utd, dont see
    him improving.

  11. lemesosG1

    evra is in united from 2006.. the guy won one champions league and several
    premier leagues and cups.. his 20 steps ahead of fuckin baine so stop
    comparing them baine is no one.

  12. markg541

    Fanboy? EPL sucks yeah fatass? since 2005 there’s been at least one team in
    semi final excluding 2010 final Appreciate the effort and time he puts in
    to make this video Honest to god i wouldn’t be surprised if you was
    brainwashed by your shrine to tendulkar in your basement Oh and your a
    glory hunter Barcelona fan

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