Everton adapted to Koeman

Everton defender Leighton Baines believe that the players have adapted to Ronald Koeman playing style and that they are now performing better.

He admitted that things have not been easy in the beginning as Ronald Koeman is quite demanding as manager, but the players have managed to adapt to his training method.

Leighton Baines said that Ronald Koeman is an ambitious person and he is always looking for ways to improve the team. He has told the players that he want them to challenge for a place in the Europa League and that they should all be giving their best on the pitch.

Baines said that their defensive record was very poor before the arrival of Koeman and the manager has managed to bring changes at the back. He said that Koeman favor a more pressing style and he wants his players to be aggressive on the pitch. Baines stated that it was not easy in the beginning as this mean that some players had to change their playing style to fit the manager’s demand.

He said that this was evidenced by the manner the team started the season but unfortunately they lost a bit of focus during some games and fell down the table.

Fortunately, they managed to recover, and they are now seventh in the table.

Baines said that the team can still progress and that the players want to become better. He admitted that the manager would not be able to change the team just in one season and he is sure that there will be more players coming during the close season.

Leighton Baines believe that Everton has found a good manager that will allow them to progress and he believes that fans should be excited for the future as long as Koeman is the manager.