25 thoughts on “Baines giving some Blues a lift to Ewood Park today

  1. SqueakyBumTime.com

    Gotta Everton’s Leighton Baines giving some Blackburn supporters a lift to
    Ewood Park on the weekend! Top stuff!

  2. rymatthews

    who’s is arsed who is your favourite player? who’s arsed how many times
    you have met Baines? what matters is you’ve jumped to a conclusion of a
    lads life on the basis of a 3min video were he’s a bit drunk and a bit over
    excited that he has managed to get a lift off Baines to the game. so you
    don’t embarrass yourself drunk? so when your blagging your a scouser
    telling people all over youtube hes a “FTM’er” your talking shit. get back
    to videos of lannys pulling trees up ya wool.

  3. aldamayo panjaitan

    honestly, is there any good-hearted Scouser out there willing to brandish
    this video with a subtitle. All i can hear is “arctic monkeys” and lots of
    “lad”s haha

  4. plutonia00

    Happy people?….piss off you can see how Leighton realized his mistake
    when they started acting like a bunch of over excited twats, most scousers
    are fine but its the knob heads in this video that makes us a laughing
    stock to the rest of the country

  5. Luis Joe Suarez

    Youve clearly never been arrested by the matrix have u ? they are dick eds
    i agree but still fuck the matrix not the matrix haters u pussy

  6. Obizz1000

    Respect for Leighton Baines!, he seems like a top lad be nice to have him
    in the Man Utd setup. I know it will hurt Everton fans but come on he’s 28
    and deserves to play at the top especially to move Ashley Cole out the left
    back position for World Cup 2014. However he is a top lad and you have to
    respect his decision whatever the outcome.

  7. John Kalasin

    Is it ? I must tell the lads in the barry’s and the sefton to put there
    beers down and order a G & T .

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