25 thoughts on “Leighton Baines 119th Minute Freekick Vs Chelsea

  1. Luke Barr

    Fucking brilliant, what a day that was. Chelsea fans dont have a clue what
    to do when you go mad hahaha, Quality

  2. cjmcgann

    @rahulcfc26 Bitter bitter loser, when was the last time an everton player
    made a “break leg” tackle?, unlike carragher, gerrard, terry, keane, Mikel,
    barton, the list is endless, but not 1 everton player in that list. Who is
    the most fouled player in the prem? answer : mikel arteta! we dont need any
    miracles, how many managers have you had since moyes has been in charge,
    fucking merry go round. you were close to bankruptcy till abramovich took
    over – reality check needed i think PAL

  3. Paul Edwards

    Great video lad….. Love the way you sat with all the cockney rent boys
    and cheered when bainsey scored !!! proper blue you mate ha ha ha

  4. James Balshaw

    (continuing) that we won’t get any investment at all when it is almost
    certain that we will in 5 years because we are a big club. Money doesn’t
    make a football team better, it’s about the players attitude and chemistry.

  5. Aphrodite1878Amy

    @rahulcfc26 If you don’t like it don’t dish it out and let’s face it we
    never broke any legs, sore loser.

  6. James Balshaw

    @maczster I was in the restaurant bit with my dad as a birthday present
    because he knew a few people with spare seats

  7. Daynefc18

    @TheSafc96 how the fuck can u say that when you have Cattermole in your
    team hes the biggest scumbag in the league, Oh im sure you have Bendtner 2.
    He doesnt dive does he……

  8. KingZidane92

    how mistake prone is he? arsenal have been linked with him recently since
    clichy is probably leaving woud love a consistent left back, gibbs is too
    young and don’t even mention traore everton have a good side on them they
    could overtake liverpool and nab a europa spot

  9. James Balshaw

    @dltvofmr oh sorry, I was reading it wrong, how I read it it sounded like
    you were a chelsea fan :S sorry about that x

  10. O Fenemeno

    @MeBenHalpin yeah it is 🙂 hopefully Everton will thrash United 2 weeks
    from now, David Moyes always knows how to read team’s tactics.

  11. Mez Hossain

    @cjmcgann you forgot marouane fellaini, he doesn’t even play football he
    plays tackleball

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