Everton players facing worst stage

When you are going well as a team and getting the results that you desire, all seems good. People talk about the way you play the game together and how the whole group enjoys the success of any individual, but, a few losses and everything can change quickly.

All of a sudden, it starts falling apart for you. Players tend to focus more on personal performances and try and make sure that they don’t come under the scrutiny of the critics.

You can also lose your confidence in each other.

It is happening with Everton at the moment. They were being praised for their team spirit towards the end of the previous season. But, this winter, they appear to be a team in which all the players are not on the same page.

What happened during Everton’s last game in the Premier League, the Club hierarchy or anybody associated with the club would not have enjoyed that.

The Toffees earned a penalty kick during the game versus West Brom and everybody thought that it would be the specialist Leighton Baines taking the shot.

But, no, it was Kevin Mirallas who decided to come forward and do it himself.

Clearly, a couple of Everton players did not like that. They even went to Mirallas to tell him that Baines would be a better choice than him.

But, Mirallas was confident about himself and he did what he wanted to do and the result was not the best for Everton.

The ball did not get slotted into the net and the score remained 0-0 and it went on to remain that way till the very end.

It was a scoreless draw and Everton was awarded just a solitary point.

Romelu Lukaku was utterly frustrated by that big miss by Mirallas and he had an animated discussion with the winger on the pitch side itself. It was not a pretty scene. The Everton supporters would definitely not like to see that again.